Bradley James and Colin Morgan (Merlin)

I was so busy last week, that I completely forgot to post these hawt stills of Bradley James as Prince Arthur in Merlin!

My other post on Merlin is probably the most popular on my entire blog, so I thought I’d add some more fuel to the fire!

Oh, and BBC – can Colin Morgan (Merlin) be allowed to get his kit off too please?! 😉




Oh, and I have scoured the internet long and hard, to find what seems to be the only picture online of Colin Morgan without his smock on ! 😀

Colin Morgan Merlin

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About Gari

Thirty year old northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having a brain tumour.

8 Responses

  1. Annie

    bradley’s quite good looking lol If i’d be colin (or anyone else working on the set) i’d most likely all over him by now *drools*


  2. Abby Steer (from Devon)

    just like to say i think merlin is a BUFFFF TINNNGG!
    and my fav time of the week is to sit down and listen to merlin’s secrets its the best! big love to the merlin crew and i agree merlin should be seen with his kit offfff! XXXXX


  3. Adeolar Esther

    Hi, how are you doing there, hope u’re not enhanted anymore. My previous love for u both; Bradley and Colin. Have a nice time.


  4. I agree with Ronnie. I tuned in tonight just because of him – and rarely does anyone have that effect on me.

    Thanks Gari for the great blog posts!

    Rob from the Star Trek Phase 2 Team


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