REVIEW: Hairspray (UK Tour 2015/2016)

‘The Nicest Kids in Town’ are currently…well… back in town, so given that this is my favourite musical I absolutely had to head back to the 60s and get myself down with a case of ‘Miss Baltimore Crabs’.

Citalopram - my battle scars!

My experience of Citalopram (SSRI)

Following on from my recent Health & Wellbeing related post, I thought I would do a similar post regarding my experience as a newbie to Citalopram 20mg, an SSRI medication with a somewhat feared reputation!

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It’s been ages!

It’s been a while (sorry!), but I’m back and have a few personal updates to share!


RAIGN – Knocking On Heaven’s Door

My new favourite show to watch absolutely has to be CW’s The 100 – I know I’m a bit late to it, but I’ve just watched the sensational season two final. It got emotional. A HUGE part of that was this incredible version of ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’: Get the volume cranked up, get a […]

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Busy Times!

Oh, you’re still here? HUGE thanks for sticking around, I appreciate that I’ve not posted for a while – life has been so busy the last few weeks.